Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Business Acquisition (Tables)

Business Acquisition (Tables)
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2020
Business Combinations [Abstract]  
Schedule of Fair Value of Consideration Transferred

The acquisition-date fair value of the consideration transferred is as follows:


Common shares issued and outstanding     24,717,270  
Common shares reserved for issuance upon conversion of the outstanding Series B Preferred Stock     2,312,500  
Total Common shares     27,029,770  
Closing price per share of MedoveX Common stock on January 8, 2019   $ 0.40  
Fair value of outstanding warrants and options     2,220,000  
Cash consideration to RMS     (350,000 )
Total consideration   $ 12,681,908  


Schedule of Estimated Fair Values of Assets Acquired and Liabilities Assumed

The following table summarizes the fair values of the assets acquired and liabilities assumed at the date of acquisition on January 8, 2019:


Cash   $ (302,710 )
Accounts receivable     145,757  
Inventory     131,455  
Prepaid expenses     46,153  
Property and equipment     30,393  
Other     2,751  
Intangibles     3,680,000  
Goodwill     12,564,401  
Total assets acquired   $ 16,298,200  
Accounts payable and other accrued liabilities     1,645,399  
Derivative liability     1,215,677  
Interest-bearing liabilities and other     755,216  
Net assets acquired   $ 12,681,908  

Schedule of Interest Bearing and Other Liabilities Assumed

Total interest-bearing liabilities and other liabilities assumed are as follows:


Notes payable   $ 99,017  
Short-term convertible notes payable     598,119  
Dividend payable     57,813  
Deferred rent     267  
Total interest-bearing and other liabilities   $ 755,216